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A new set of donations to areas affected by the earthquake

On Friday, January 22, we delivered the third contingent of aid to Petrinja and the areas affected by the devastating earthquakes.

In coordination with the City Society of the Red Cross Petrinja and the Public Fire Brigade Petrinja, we delivered another hundred Vivax household appliances, from the still needed electric heaters and kettles to mini ovens and washing machine.

The special feature of this donation is that we were joined at our invitation by the company Kaspersky Lab, which, according to their request, donated more than 3,600 pieces of durable food products from Croatian producers to the Red Cross in Petrinja.

Donations were received on behalf of the City Society of the Red Cross Petrinja Mrs. Iva Malović, director of the company, and on behalf of the Petrinja Public Fire Brigade, Mr. Zvonimir Ljubičić, unit commander.

We are glad that we can already announce the realization of the next contingent of donations, in which some of the world’s leading ITC companies will also join us.

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