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Human resources

What is the most important asset a company can have?

Its people, their knowledge, experience and efforts. We are fully aware of this, so this is not just another web story...

Dynamic environment

In times of constant change, it is important to keep one's balance at every moment. We therefore strive to provide each member of our team with balance in their professional and personal development. If you are a reliable, dynamic, creative and responsible person committed to teamwork and meeting challenges in an enabling work environment, and you are ready to work with us on creating our joint future – get in touch. We will provide you with an opportunity for professional and personal development in a dynamic business environment.

Selection process

Selection process

Personnel selection (professional selection) is the process of identifying from among a large group of job candidates those individuals who are (most) likely to succeed in a given position. In the selection process, it is advisable to take into account the person's abilities and other factors. The more aligned these qualities are with the job requirements, the more likely it is that the person will be successful and satisfied. In M SAN Grupa, the selection process is conducted by Human Resources, and the candidates are assessed solely by psychologists.

You can submit your job application via the Human Resources web page where you can provide the required information and enclose your CV and additional documentation.

Selected candidates undergo a standardised and certified psychological assessment, which consists of cognitive tests and personality questionnaires.

No special preparation is required for this testing. Just listen to the instructions carefully and answer sincerely.

The psychological assessment is followed by a selection interview. During the interview, the psychologist will be able to obtain a full picture of you, assess your knowledge and experience, and also your motivation, communication skills and potential contribution to the company.

Depending on the vacant position, a second selection round may be organised with the participation of the relevant business area manager if he or she was not involved in the previous selection round.

After the selection interview, the business area manager makes the final decision on the selection of the candidate.

We send feedback to all candidates involved in any of the selection rounds. Due to the large number of applications, the selection process and related feedback may take rather long. We therefore kindly ask you for your patience and understanding.