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Drones in geodesy

▲ In cooperation with partner companies, Geo-Centar from Zagreb, Modri ​​Planet from Ljubljana and Planet IX from Zagreb, we organized on September 28, 2021 a business seminar, on Ključić Brdo, intended for surveyors and professional drone pilots with topics:

  • Use of drones in geodesy, terrain mapping and programs for processing the collected data
  • Models of DJI drones and geodetic equipment: DJI M300 RTK, Zenmuse L1 and Zenmuse P1
  • Using 3DSurvey mapping software to process the collected data
  • Practical demonstration of working with DJI drones and 3DSurvey program.

Through more than four hours of interactive program, about fifty participants first got acquainted with the theoretical settings of using DJI drones and equipment and 3DSurvey software in geodesy, which they applied in the second part of the seminar through practical work on the flight range and workstations.

Due to the great interest of the participants, we plan to hold this seminar again.