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M SAN Grupa offers the widest variety of products in the region, expert and specialized sales teams, the most relevant global brands, continuous growth, and prompt responses. Our partner network currently includes more than 6,100 partners, who receive more than 200,000 products a month.

  • #1in the Adria region

  • 2,000contacts a day

  • 200,000products monthly delivered

Partner B2B web service

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Together, we form long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships. That is why we hope you will also become part of our large family.

If your organization is registered for IT sector activities or for selling IT products, your visit to this page could mean the beginning of a major partnership.


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    Partner B2B web service

    The B2B system enables faster, more precise and simpler information exchange between companies

    Following global trends in the application of the latest technology, M SAN Grupa has made a significant technological breakthrough in the field of optimizing the speed and cost of doing business through e-commerce.

    With the continued application of the latest IC technologies in its everyday business activities, M SAN Grupa helps its partners to improve their competitiveness, at the same time decreasing the pressure on their employees and the possibility of mistakes.

    This major breakthrough in the development of e-business and application integration is based on open technology-web services. In practice, the M SAN B2B e-commerce system searches the M SAN product base in real-time, using the internet as a communications channel.

    Web shop

    M SAN B2B system advantages

    The M SAN B2B system enables access to data related to doing business with M SAN Grupa. Currently, a basic set of data is available: items, price lists, and partner-related documents.
    The data set connected to the partner's documents enables access to all the partner's documents created within the M SAN Grupa transactions system.


    • Automate the formation of their own price lists and apply the chosen margin schemes based on purchase prices specifically tailored to each partner
    • Check the availability of items in real-time
    • Access the photo-based of items and display them in their own webshop
    • Access the technical specifications base, as well as the description of items, and display them in their own IT system (ERP, price list, webshop, web catalog, etc.)
    • Review all documents
    • Optimize the level of their own stored items, thanks to the constant availability of data related to all the item groups in the M SAN Grupa B2B system
    • Reduce operational costs, such as telecommunications services and employees' working hours related to updating data
    • Increase the efficiency of internal business procedures, thanks to a faster access to required data
    • Reduce the time of updating data, making information available to users more quickly
    • Have accurate data

    Web shop

    M SAN Grupa enables its partners to order merchandise through its web shop, thus making the process independent of the working hours of the actual sales department.

    Web Shop advantages:

    •  Order tracking
    •  Reviewing all accounts
    •  Independent of sales department working hours
    •  Maximum security
    •  Personalised view settings
    •  Separated user rights
    •  Product recognition system
    •  Easy operation and detailed instructions


    Partner Web Shop



    In order to find the desired product, you do not have to know its exact name. The search process includes filtering systems (according to segment, category, producer, price range, special offer, etc.)

    It also features proposed replacement items in case the desired one is unavailable, searching by the actual, already known, item code.

    Adapted to the environment

    The M SAN Grupa web shop has been designed in accordance with partners' requirements, and is entirely a product of M SAN Grupa's IT development. In addition to actual ordering, the web shop enables partners to track their orders, but also to track other financial data related to their business with M SAN Grupa. In every internet purchase, the most important elements are access security and information confidentiality. Thanks to the latest certification technologies and data transfer security protocols, the security of the M SAN Grupa web shop is at the highest level. One of its advantages is also the separation of user rights, so that, for example, a procurement employee can be restricted in terms of seeing the firm's accounts, while its accountant can be barred from ordering.

    Personalisation is not limited to appearance and behaviour: all prices in the web shop include all discounts and other benefits for individual customers. In addition, it is possible to export personalised price lists in XLS, XML and HTML formats.