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Good Game Liftoff 2018 – donated 100,000 kuna to the winning startup!

As a part of recently held B2B esports tournament Good Game Zagreb 2018, where the most significant Croatian IT companies gaming teams fought for the prestigious title of the best, armed with MSGW computers and equipped with MS keyboards, mice and headsets at the same time, money fund of 100 thousand kuna was collected.

Nikola Stolnik, Good Game Global CEO, has decided to donate full amount through Liftoff contest to startup who convinces jury that his idea is the best.

Part of the expert jury was also Sergej Ivasović, Marketing and PR Manager for M SAN Grupa, while the rest of successful entrepreneurs and experts were namely Nenad Bakić, investor and entrepreneur, Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili, Lordan Kondić, Marketing Director for Private Users A1 (until recently Vipnet), Martina Rizman Matić, Corporate Communications Manager for A1, Hrvoje Balen, Chairman of the Algebra Board, Miran Pavić, CEO, Telegram Media Group, Ivan Brezak Brkan, founder and editor-in-chief of Netokracija, Tomislav Car, CEO and co-founder of Infinum, and Nikola Stolnik, CEO of Good Game Global.

On September 13th at HUB385 premises in Zagreb, 10 selected startups presented their ideas to the jury. In 10 minutes they had to present their product, elaborate strategy and business plan. After that, the jury’s questions followed in the next 10 minutes, as well as evaluation of presentation, innovation and feasibility.

Most points were awarded to the Mundus project which won non-refundable 100,000 for further business development! Mundus is smart social game designed by three students of the V. grammar high school from Zagreb, Filip Hercig, Luka Domančić, Matija Fućek and FER student Fran Zekan. This game combines a game board in a smart and interactive way, together with smartphones. Second place won Prostec, an animal identification device within longer distance, while the third place went for the Iron Bull, a robotized tank that came in the pattern of the World of Tank game.

The organizer of the GoodGame Liftoff contest, Nikola Stolnik, said it is important to give young, smart and capable people a chance to create new values in this area. GoodGame Liftoff helps them turn their ideas into reality, start a business with as little risk and give them a chance for local or global success. Moreover, the importance of this contest has been recognized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which will finance travel and participation fee for one of the European fairs for the winner.

“We have sponsored the GoodGame project from the very beginning, and we have developed a good partnership with Nikola and his team,” said jury member Sergei Ivasović, Marketing and PR Manager of M SAN Grupa – “All tournament matches are being played on hardware platform of our own brands, MSGW gaming computers and MS gaming peripherals, keyboards, mice and headsets. What is more, many great recommendations that came from GoodGame players, are excellent indicator of the quality of our products, while their wishes and suggestions are in line with current market trends.”

“Since the first edition GoodGame project had humanitarian note. Recalling donation to the Pediatric Hospital, support for STEM projects and many more. With this year’s Liftoff contest and the opening towards startup projects, the whole project has gained a wider social dimension” – said Sergej Ivasović expressing great satisfaction for participating in this project.

What adds considerably more to its value is a fact that Good Game Global was just named the Best Social Impact Startup at the National Central European Startup Awards for this year!

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