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Ivančica and M SAN Running Team ran 155.83 kilometers

Wings for Life World Run Zadar, May 7th, 2017, 1:00PM.
The weather is warm and steamy, and then there is thunderstorm with rain, and then again hot, sunny sky. Tricky conditions.

At the start, a record number of participants, runners and athletes in the wheelchairs. All together 8,000 hearts. Among them are thirteen M SAN’s hearts. All with a common goal of finding a treatment that could cure spinal cord injuries. Beyond that, each of us with a personal goal to run for a colleague, a friend, a relative or a dear person. And us, with the special goal, to run a step more, a meter further for Ivančica.

It was hard. It was grueling. However, who cares? It was great and it was excellent. With that fantastic feeling to win yourself and go a little further. We were proud to run together, with a common goal.

The global winner has passed a record of 92 kilometers – in a wheelchair! Impressive and at the same time unbelievable. Aron Anderson, the absolute winner of the fourth edition of the Wings for Life World Run with more than 155,000 people who participated in the race around the world, has shown us all that the boundaries do not exist.

Zadar winners, Robert Radojković, who overthrown the track record with 65 kilometers and Željka Šaban Miličić with 44 kilometers, achieved enviable results.

Nevertheless, our Ivančica made it even better with 155 kilometers and 830 meters.

In fact, Ivančica did even more because during the race, in the passage, we colud hear many saying: “I will also run extra meter just for Ivančica.”

Our single winners Siniša Bačić with 16.76 kilometers crossed and Diana Đurašin with 13.13 kilometers really deserved our sincere congratulations.

And each of us won over himself and went a little further:

Are we going for more? Yes, of course. And the next time Ivančica will be with us, as well.

Join us!

… for more information about the race “Wings for Life World Run 2017“, as well as official results, visit the official website Wings for Life World Run 2017 – Official Results