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M SAN Group – an authorized regional distributor of McAfee products

At the presentation to business partners and journalists, held on 11.05.2017. in the premises of M SAN Grupa dd in Buzin, a new distribution partnership of M SAN Grupa dd and McAfee security solutions was presented.

The global philosophy of McAfee market presence is to connect with the strongest distribution partners to enable the availability of McAfee security solutions while ensuring optimal investment in the market in order to better understand specific needs and find solutions to meet detected needs.

In accordance with the global philosophy, the selection of M SAN Group was a logical step, and M SAN Group dd will ensure the expansion of McAfee products in the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania through its regional distribution network.

The focus of the distribution will be McAfee integrated corporate security solutions for large government systems, corporations and the financial sector with an emphasis on the security of banking systems and insurance companies.

And integration is a key advantage of McAfee security solutions. Guided by the idea of “Collaborating different elements as if they were a single entity”, McAfee experts have developed a wide range of security solutions with a unique integration system on the world market through all three vital phases of protection: Detection -> Protection -> Correction. The exceptional advantage of McAfee integration, in addition to the absolute connection of its own solutions, is the openness to the systems of other manufacturers such as Aruba, ProofPoint, Rapid,… and of which there are more than 150 in the McAfee integration system to date.

The professionalism of the McAfee system of integrated protection is reflected in the fact that they already meet all the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) EU regulation 2016/679, although the regulation will enter into force only on 25.5.2018.

Aware of the growing importance of cloud computing, McAfee experts have also offered the market a new category of CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) products designed to protect data transfers between end users and the cloud. According to Gartner’s estimates that in 2020. 85% of large systems will use CASB solutions.

Moreover, the McAfee philosophy of integrated cooperation, in addition to software solutions, is present in cooperation with sales partners through a highly sophisticated system of education, support and incentives for all McAfee sales partners, both existing and new. We hereby invite interested companies and individuals to contact us by e-mail .

… You can find more detailed information about McAfee on the McAfee corporate website