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Microsoft Anty-Piracy – Better Safe than Sorry

At Microsoft, we want to help you keep your business safe.

Your business PCs store a lot of sensitive, critical information. It’s all extremely valuable to cybercriminals.

Pirated software may seem like a great bargain, but a lot of it comes with malware that can leak your personal and business data to cybercriminals. And that’s a pretty big problem.

You may feel safe today, but it only takes one incident of malware to irreparably harm your business.

To ensure the safety of your company’s PCs, follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Download software only from trusted online sources
  • Purchase genuine Microsoft software from trusted resellers
  • Avoid “too-good-to-be-true” offers
  • Consistently check for and remove any pirated software from your device

Watch Microsoft Play It Safe video.

Why pirated software can put your saftey in danger?

Once that data has been breached, the harm to your business can be irreparable. Pirated software can leave you vulnerable in a way of not getting the latest security patches and product updates or trusted support when you need it.

Check out how you can protect your business data with original Microsoft software: 


Did you know?

  • Excel is the Office tool with the higest number of possibilities
  • First Office package was created 1989
  • Office 365 contains all tools necessary for finilizing assignments inside or outside of your work
  • Microsoft developed early prototypes of many different technologies such as tablets and TVs with internet connection

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