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Omega software, a new member of the group

As of today, Omega Software d.o.o. joins our group.

It is a company with knowledge, capacity, experience and market recognition and fits perfectly into strategic plans for expansion into international markets, complements our wide portfolio of products, services and solutions in the fields of energy efficiency, industry 4.0 and green economy and digital transformation of the most demanding business subjects.

Therefore the greatest value in the takeover of Omega software d.o.o. we find in more than 130 experienced experts and young talents with significant business references, which will further enrich and enrich our group.

Omega Software d.o.o. in the market it continues to function on a daily basis as an independent business entity, as does each of the companies in our group.

With the arrival of Omega Software in our group, we further strengthen our leading positions, open numerous opportunities for organizational and individual development, as well as the perspective of developing new solutions while expanding into new markets and working with new clients.

We are warmly welcoming our new colleagues.