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Leading regional distributor

M SAN Grupa was founded in 1995. In 1999, after four years of continuous growth and expansion, it topped the list of major Croatian IT companies, and still holds this position.

Since 2007, M SAN Grupa has been growing and expanding in the region with a view to strengthening its position as the leading regional IT and CE distributor.

Today, M SAN Grupa is the most significant IT business group in this part of Europe, with more than:

  • 6,300+partners

  • 800+employees

  • 2.7billion HRK revenue

  • 200.000products monthly delivered

Our missions

Financial statements

The Financial Statements with the Independent Auditors' Reports for the previous years are available at the following links:

Financial indicators

M SAN Grupa's financial result for 2021 clearly indicates continuity of a positive business trend with more than 359 mils. EUR (2.7 billion HRK) in revenue.

M SAN Grupa_2020_Annual Income_EUR

Our missions

We give our partners maximum support in optimising processes within the distribution chain in order to help them achieve a competitive edge on the market.


M SAN Grupa is a distribution leader in all the region's markets according to all the benchmarks of modern business.

The group members

Our values


Trust and respect among associates and partners are the basis of any beneficial business relationship. We respect the integrity and personality of every individual, and appreciate diversity in opinions, cultures and customs. We also promote open communication. In order for it to be realised, our vision needs each product, service and market equally, as well as the knowledge that our associates and partners can rely on us. Thus, we are committed to fostering and promoting mutual trust and respect.


We keep our promises to our associates and our partners. We honour all our obligations and follow through with our commitments, never waiting for someone else to do our job, always recognising and solving the problems we think are in need of solving, never waiting for someone else's warning. Each of us is responsible for himself or herself and for his or her work, but also for the success and well-being of the whole company. By giving our maximum in our work, we find the best feasible solutions, to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. We manage the company's resources according to the principles of good management, and we act responsibly with regard to all the data we learn while working at M SAN Grupa.


Being proactive implies being enterprising, being ready to take the initiative and risks. It is always necessary to think a few steps ahead in order to anticipate our partners' needs and to react accordingly and in advance. We are expected to approach our work proactively and to take the initiative in problem-solving and, in particular, to act in a timely fashion. As time is the only non-renewable resource, the measure of success is the total reaction time from receiving the information to the decision and final result.


Our efficiency and effectiveness are among the key factors in supporting M SAN Grupa's partners and customers. This orientation towards partners and customers includes gaining their trust, which we achieve through a proactive approach to work and anticipating their needs, and thanks to the information we give them before they even ask for it. In order to be able to fulfil these tasks, we continuously monitor market developments and actively approach our partners, aiming to be their first choice.


We develop a sense of community and collegiality in a spirit of "all for one and one for all". This is especially true in providing expert assistance, giving advice, exchanging experiences, and ensuring an open flow of information. By respecting differences and considering all facts and situations from different viewpoints, we contribute to the promotion of the work ethic and culture within M SAN Grupa. We recognise and support our associates' contributions, and celebrate success together. This is why we especially encourage teamwork, full cooperation, and a multidisciplinary approach to different business projects and tasks.


We started M SAN Grupa not so long ago, and we can thank our curiosity, enthusiasm, creative restlessness and acceptance of new ideas for what we have become. For us, new problems are new challenges that need to be approached readily and with an open mind in order to find solutions and give proposals to improve existing processes and procedures. By finding new ways of meeting our partners' needs, by learning and being innovative, we create new, additional value.


Acquiring new competences is a personal responsibility and obligation for all of us, and a creative approach to work, being open to new insights, suggestions and experiences, as well as an ability to come up with new ideas is something we especially appreciate – and reward. We develop and apply an effectiveness evaluation system, and change what is not good, constantly aligning processes and procedures in accordance with continuous changes. The exchange of knowledge is extremely important for the increase in our collective organisational knowledge, which is one of our greatest assets. The transfer of knowledge and experiences is encouraged by the involvement of all employees in specialised and interdisciplinary project teams, by internal mobility, and participation in various business processes that are wider than our "cubicle", i.e. our workspace. All of us, especially management, are obliged to give professional and personal help and support in our associates' learning processes.


We strive to achieve what we talk and write about, and this needs to be based on a positive everyday environment. Among other things, this includes keeping one's workplace tidy and clean. In maintaining a positive working spirit, we are driven by a desire for success and achievement, while promoting honest and positive relations among colleagues, appreciating them, building on them and taking part in them. We deal with possible individual grievances on a personal basis, at the level of the individual problem, i.e. the level at which it is resolvable, while acting positively and with renewed motivation towards other team members and associates.


We see wealth in diversity. Our markets differ in economic, cultural and worldview terms. We embrace this diversity and respond to it with the richness of our own diversity. The most valuable M SAN Grupa resource is its people, with all their different experiences, knowledge, skills, ideas and desires. Such wealth is the foundation on which we build our success and growth. As part of this process, we influence both ourselves and our partners in a beneficial way, but also society at large. We do this by spreading our values, creating new jobs, and continuously striving for new levels of quality in our business.

The group members

The M SAN Grupa operates on EU territory, as well as in a number of closer and more distant countries.

In addition to M SAN Grupa in Croatia, the group comprises a number of regional companies: Kim Tec Serbia, Kim Tec Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakom Kompani Macedonia, Kim Tec Montenegro, and AskTec Kosovo, and has more than 6,100 partners. 

Our regional distribution model guarantees independability, financial stability, and cost optimization to suppliers and partners, thanks to centralized ordering and a single delivery point.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an important part of M SAN's business strategy.

The principles of sustainability and social responsibility, which lie at the very core of our business strategy, are given life by our investments in improving the quality of life in the community. We respect the community in which we live and work by protecting its values and encouraging the development of new ones. By supporting projects which facilitate local community development, we pay our respect to the hospitality of the community in which we operate, and at the same time ensure further development.


Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy - M SAN Grupa.pdf


Social responsibility

In line with our values, M SAN's social responsibility is focused on the following three areas:


M SAN Grupa is a multicultural environment. We pay special attention to the development of a unique corporate culture that respects differences and encourages cooperation.

  • A good start – this is the process of inducting new employees into our company, introducing them to the goals of the Group, its working environment, organisational structure, and approach to work, and the way of life in our surroundings. A good start ensures the efficient implementation of work tasks and facilitates integration into the working environment.
  • Career development – we invest a lot in creating opportunities for the development and improvement of our employees. We are aware that career development provides the company with the best individuals.
  • Training and development – we promote knowledge and professional development. Specialisation through seminars, courses, conferences and conventions are frequent means of professional training for our employees.
  • Ambassadors of value are the best employees selected in each calendar year.

We encourage our staff to select those individuals who have contributed the most to increasing our corporate values and meeting our goals.


As part of the wider community, M SAN Grupa is aware of the importance of its impact on the improvement of overall social conditions, the promotion of true values, and finally, the need to invest part of its profits in the community. In addition to a wide range of donations, we value sponsorship activities, primarily when it comes to the promotion of IT literacy and the education of children and young people through participation in Knowledge Olympics and similar events. M SAN Grupa also participates in protecting and supporting socially vulnerable groups. Based on our guiding values, our sponsorship strategy focuses on the following three groups:

  • Children and young people – support for projects promoting IT literacy and knowledge,
  • Socially vulnerable groups – raising the quality of life of the most needy, particularly children and young people.

The following criteria are important in selecting projects:

  • Overall quality of the project, its alignment with the values of M SAN Grupa and our sponsorship and donation strategies,
  • Whether supporting the project has a positive impact on company image and identity,
  • Whether the project is focused on achieving positive changes and creating permanent value in the local community or society as a whole,
  • The reputation and achievements of the project applicant.

You may submit your projects by e-mail to:


M SAN Grupa willingly contributes to environmental protection through cooperation with M SAN EKO, one of the companies of the M SAN Grupa, whose primary business is waste management. A separate waste collection system has been established within our business areas. This allows us to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, and at the same time raises awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility in environmental protection.

M SAN Grupa Offices
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