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The last greeting to the great man

With immense sadness, we have to inform that on Wednesday February 27th, 2019 a dear friend and colleague Krešimir Kovarik has left us.

With his exceptional knowledge and peculiar warmth, Krešo was leading a development teams that laid the foundations of the ICT infrastructure of our group.

Krešo’s immense perseverance and infinite courage literally moved the boundaries of the possible and led the creation of software solutions at the highest world level.

Often, representatives of prominent Western companies came and asked “Krešo, how did you do that?”

In his so short twelve years of work with us, Krešo was the first in various fields. The first in work, the first in innovation, the first in educating new colleagues and the first in laughter that made the difficult situation so easy.

Moreover, there was no end because he was so full of heart to his other great love, radio amateurism. Recognized under the code 9A5K, he has communicated and cooperated with experts across all seven continents.

Dear Krešo, your serene smile, the prudent spirit and calmness have led us in the most difficult moments.

It is hard to understand that we will never hear your reasoning again and the most incredible and logical solutions to complicated situations.

At the end of the journey these thirteen years, thank you for the knowledge, wisdom and warmth that you have woven into our hearts.
Behind you only a void remains that will be difficult to fulfill.

Our prayers are with you and yours loved ones, with the desire to have the strength to realize the dreams you have dreamed.

Eternally yours,
Colleagues from M SAN group of companies